About us

Get to know Us

We are Pan-African and humanitarian organization with the social corporate responsibility of creating awareness,

enlightening and regenerating the giant stride inherent in African Women, through campaign and empowerment in qualitative education, vocational training and mentorship, and creating a platform of opportunities for Female Entrepreneurs, with the sole objective of eradicating penury lifestyle among African Women.

We have developed Empowerment Programs such: Empowerment Funds For Female Entrepreneurs, Skill Acquisition:- Training and Mentorship, Sanitary Pad Campaign, Gender Based Violence Campaign, Health Campaign, Women Impact Awards, Scholarship Awards, Breakfast and Business Networking, Book Review (Be-A-Reader), Safe House, Annual Conference, Road Walk, Entertainment.

Our Vision

To maintain consistency in building a community of innovative, creative, successful and strong women in Africa.

Our Mission

To create innovative solutions for female entrepreneurs through empowerment
programs to improve their lives.

Our Objective

1. To collaborate with National and International NGOs and other agencies by networking and co-aligning for the achievement of specific goals for the welfare and career development of African women.
2. To provide Temporary Safe House for distressed girls and women including battered women and to prepare such girls and women psychologically be counselling and other forms of therapy and education for a re-orientation towards attaining a better and more purposeful life in the society.
3. To organize Resource Centers from which individual and organizations
committed to gender basis violence goals can share space equipments facilities and information on women issue or matters.
4. To create a platform for networking and building value-added business relationships.
5. To assist the needy and perform charitable functions.
6. To create avenue for women to exhibit their creativity and entertainment inherent skills in them.

Our Core Values