Empowerment Funds for Female Entrepreneurs

Our research has revealed that there are millions of Female Entrepreneurs in Africa with brilliant and excellent business ideals but lack funds to kick-start or inadequate funds to expand their businesses.
However, we have come up and developed a solution through Empowerment Funds for Female Entrepreneurs (EFFE), where women would have direct access to funds to either, start-up their business or expand the existing business, which will in turn add value to the country’s GDP and also create employment opportunity for the youth in particular. The Empowerment Funds ranges from $500 – $3000.

Skill Acquisition: – Training and Mentorship

We are passionate about Capacity Building, Human Development and Mentoring with the sole objective of equipping African Women with relevant Vocational skills training that cut across all sectors of the human endeavour in Africa.
The program is designed to provide training with new acquisition skills for women that require additional vocational skills in technical related works outside their professions or to develop capacity building in a specific profession for their livelihood. In addition to the training given, the program will assign the applicant to an experienced professional in a specific profession chosen by the applicants for their mentorship.

Annual Conference

This highly excited conference would hold Key Note Speaker and other Notable Speakers in Event Centre that will create an atmosphere for networking among
Entrepreneurs, Successful Business Women, Academicians, Government officials, Professionals, Administrators, Policy and Decision Makers, Industry Representatives and Students. This Conference would be packed with different activities such as Presentation of Funds to Qualified Female Entrepreneurs, Honorary Awards for Women that have excel in their profession and Scholarship Awards for Exceptional Students in Secondary School.
It would be our great pleasure to use this platform to solicit for Sponsors, Donors and Partners in creating lasting experience for those that would be attendance.
Kindly contact us if interested.

Women Breakfast and Business Networking

The campaign sole aim is to bring women together for discussion on revamping the inherent potentiality, skills and natural abilities of women through all manner of topics that are related to livelihood of women such as Start-up business, HealthCare, Psychiatric, Gender Based Violence, Co-habitation Risk etc.
We call on Partners and Sponsors to support the organization with their resource in making this a reality and success.

Operation Feed the Less Privileged

This project is very critical and dear to our heart, it is not restricted to only women, it is for ALL the less privileged people that lives among us. We are of believe that hunger can make anyone be vulnerable to any form of crime in the society. It sadden to see some people among us going hungry. In as much as we can’t feed the whole nation, our goal is to touch every rural area in every states of Nigeria and beyond. Resources are needed for this to come to reality and be successful. For Sponsorship and Partnership with the Organization, kindly reach out to us.

Safe Shelter

Is important to safe women from been raped or murdered. Safe House is a place where distressed women would be accommodated temporarily. We have cases where husbands kicked out their wives at the middle of the night, thus, this women are vulnerable to rapist, murderer or even ritualist for not having a place to rest their head. Our young girls are dying through cohabitation, many are going through
emotional abuse, and many died in the abused whilst many have been damaged emotionally. The Safe Shelter would stand as a symbol of HOPE for those that have been victim of the aforementioned unscrupulous criminal acts. In addition, the Safe House would also have Resource Center, where our young girls will acquire new vocational skills for the Human Development and Capacity Building. We call on Real Estate Development Companies, The Federal and State Government, Companies and Individual with humanitarian heart to Partners and Sponsors the

Research and Development

We are committed to find lasting solution to issues that affect women in our society and how to liberate them from poverty and empower them economically through research.

Scholarship Awards

This Project is ONLY for female student. The program is targeted at empowering exceptional brilliant students in Secondary School in Rural and Remote areas in every state of the Federation. This program would put smile on the face of many families.

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